J.W. Bell Housing

374721910Well, when the bell housing breaks or you want to go with a sturdier upgrade to your transmission the ultrabell from jw performance or coan engineering is an excellent option. Installation is pretty straight forward you saw off the bell housing and remove enough material to bolt the ultrabell flush to the face of the front pump of the transmission. i use a sawzall to rough cut most of the bell housing off, then a cut off wheel on the angle grinder and a flap-wheel style grinding disc to polish edges of the aluminum to final fit the ultrabell to the pump/case.

On the th350 there isn’t much more to it then that, but the th400 did not always have 8 pump bolts cast into the transmission housing. most of your older 70’s vintage case had all 8 bosses under the front pump even if only 6 bolts are showing. quite often you can drill the extra 2 bolt holes in the pump itself through the backside of the pump. however your 80 & newer chevy th400’s only were cast with 6 pump bosses. you must have all 8 bolt bosses to make it work. you MUST use the bolts provided with the bell housing kit. they are hardened grade 8 and a special length.374721907

The advantage to the ultrabell is that it will not snap from torsional stresses of forward/reverse shifting. This same action also breaks the bell housing in snow plow trucks for the same reason. In normal installation, it WILL NOT make the tranny stronger in reguards to vertical stress from a distributor protector or anything else as the car bends upward. The housing can simply rip off the front pump if it gets pinched in a lateral direction. I am currently working on some improvements to keep this from happening, but it’s top secret right now…
the bell housing is meant for drag racing, and is intended to run an 11″ torque converter. you can make a 12″ converter fit with some machining. for derby i prefer to have a custom built low stall 11″ built so the engine starts to pull around 1100-1300 rpm.

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