Transmission Lines/ Cooler Loop Lines

one of the stupidest and unfortunately frequent failures and major source of burns is a transmission cooler line failure. how many times have you seen a cracked steel line, or better yet fuel line wrapped in duct tape or electrical tape!! also how many times have you put in the “aftermarket” derby hoses and fittings into your case and cracked the case….then told you tightened em too much. well we came up with something else.
381591038i use this on my test engine. basically these are aeroquip adapters and a signal loop line, the fittings are a part # FBM-2963 1/2-20 flare to -6AN fittings and i am using a -6AN metal braid line that has been pre made. not sure who made the line but they are available through summit racing on-line. you can even buy a short length of line and buy fittings to make the line yourself to whatever length you want. use steel fittings not aluminum for transmission lines. i am a big advocate for use of metal braid line for just about everything on a derby car. hydraulic lines get the job done just as well. i like this set up for a loop line simply because it’s durable and flexible so the tunnel of the car will not kink the steel line. obviously we know the fate of using rubber fuel line and hose clamps. never do that it’s fuel line….use it for fuel and vacuum. as stated in previous posts the fittings on a th350 and th400 are not a pipe thread they are a unique thread pattern from gm. you can get stuff close but to do it right you must use the original fittings w adapters.

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