The Original Warlord: Pt.4

190548_1900068617911_1127542558_32235499_7251568_n188573_1900069577935_1127542558_32235504_3141742_n195943_1900068817916_1127542558_32235500_7020513_n199279_1900068257902_1127542558_32235497_5370664_n196523_1900068417906_1127542558_32235498_858964_n205316_1900069137924_1127542558_32235501_7167623_n167790_1786825746910_1127542558_32075548_7478079_n168121_1786825466903_1127542558_32075546_6603062_nwell, this was the aftermath of two runs of the first two runs on the warlord. it was installed in a lincoln with rotted crush boxes. the real overall goal was to see if a tranny could be built to take all the strain and keep the nose of a car down by utilizing the floorpan. this was the raffle car at the blizzard bash in kansas dec of 2010, and another derby a month later. other than the bolt to the back of the housing rubbing through the floorpan, i would call it a success for the most part. it went on to compete in metal mayhem the next year, and two other derbies in the same mayhem car later that summer, both of which the car was victorious.

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