Billet Derby Tail Housing Project

S3700067 When i built the original warlord, one of the biggest problems i had with it is that officials with several different promotions claimed the tail housing was illegal, with claim “it wasn’t made of stock material”. so, my machinist Bob and i decided on billet aluminum and a short shaft design. at the very least i could use the housing on my buddy’s drag car! although it doesn’t have the advantage of steel in that you have the option of welding braces to it, it has easy machining capability, lightweight, and damn near as strong as a steel counterpart, at equal or less cost.

SinceS3700062 i did a longshaft last time, i went with a 4″ short shaft so it would fit into the newer body style cars easier. the 6 bolts were allen headed and went all the way through and there was a full inch of aluminum to drill and tap as you please for custom bracing. at one time i even had it fitted to the mauler brace i built for display purposes. but like most everything else even though i tried to build around the rules…..they changed the rules…..therefore abandoning the project and all components were disposed of. neat concept, kind of like the olds Hemi motor. with the billet roller bearing tail housings already on the aftermarket, there is really no point in having this piece other than bracing for extreme abuse like demo derby.

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