GM 4L80E layout of components

well, i have also been doing some research into the 4L80E, which is the later 4 speed computer controlled version of the TH400 starting around 1992 to present. i ran across a forum where another gentleman had done a disassembly and pictoral layout of the internals on one of these trannys. i copied it to help me during disassembly and to be honest thought it was pretty good cause it’s an actual picture not a drawing.  i copied it and posted it to my blog. due to the format of my blog, you may have to copy the pictures to your computer and blow them up to read the numbers.   i give credit to whoever put this on an open mechanic’s forum i ran across on the internet.  BTW, i did check my service manuals and the labelling on the components is correct. 



Number listing for rotating assembly 4l80e

4: complete pump body assembly
504: 502: housing assembly overrunning clutch and turbine shaft
529: 4th clutch housing
529: 4th clutch
602: forward clutch housing assembly
623:628 direct clutch & forward band
632: intermediate clutch
640: center support
651: reaction drum and carrier assembly
657: rear brake band assembly
661: 662: 668:671:ect:
Carrier output assembly, main shaft, rear rear internal gear, output shaft assembly , ect


Number listing for valve body assembly 4l80e

301: valve body
302: force motor feed filter screen
303: coiled spring pin
304: check ball plug
305: .375 diameter check ball
306: 3rd reverse check ball bushing
307: o-ring seal
308: 3>4 shift valve
309: 2>3 & 3>4 shift valve return spring
310: solenoid bolt
311: 2>3 shift solenoid
312: 2>3 shift valve
313: 1>2 shift solenoid
314: 2>3 shift valve
315: 1>2 shift valve return spring
316: shift solenoid feed plug
317: shift solenoid feed filter
318: low/reverse check ball sleeve
319: manual selector valve
320: variable force motor (can)
321: force motor retaining clamp

322: PWM solenoid retaining clip
323: PWM solenoid assembly
324: TCC regulator apply valve
325: TCC regulator apply valve spring
326: actuator feed valve bore plug
327: actuator feed valve limit spring
328: actuator feed limit valve
329: accumulator valve bore plug
330: accumulator valve spring
331: accumulator valve


Number listing for Accumulator housing assembly 4l80e

49: 4th clutch accumulator piston spring
50: 3rd clutch accumulator piston spring
52: accumulator housing to valve body bolt (Long)
53: accumulator housing to valve body bolt (short)
402: snap ring
404: 1.615 square cut seal
405: 3rd clutch accumulator piston
406: .859 square cut seal


Number listing for pump assembly 4l80e

202: 4L80E pump Body
203: 4L80E Oil Pump
204: Driven pump gear
205: pump drive gear
206: Pump cover
211: coiled spring pins (3 total)
212: converter limit valve bore plug
213: converter limit valve spring
214: converter limit valve
215: spring retainer sleeve
216: TCC enable valve spring
217: TCC enable valve
218: thrust selective washer
220: M8 x 1.25 x 40 mm bolts (5 total)
221: snap ring
222: TCC valve bore plug
223: TCC valve
224: TCC valve spring
225: TCC valve bore plug
226: retaining ring for boost reverse valve bushing
227: reverse boost valve bushing
228: reverse boost valve
229: pressure regulator spring retainer
230: pressure regulator spring
231: pressure regulator valve
232: pressure regulator plug

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