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TH350/converter service article

this is an article i ran across of a th350 tranny and converter service. now the refresh is nothing special but it is an excellent pictorial and brief  description of how a converter is serviced and how easily a lousy converter can screw up a transmission.

Ford 4R70W Transmission: Part 1

Well since i decided to keep my 01 mercury grand marquis AND have a few issues i need to address with the transmission, i decided to do a bit of research here this morning on what tranny i got and what i need to do. i would like to just get another tranny to make an all out unit i can swap in at some point.

 i quickly learned that i made a wise decision in keeping this car. the Ford AOD trannys sometime in 1992 was redesigned and designated the 4R70w. this redesign was tyo complement the then new modular engines like the 4.6Liter engines most derby guys throw in the car for the scrap yard. the 4R70W like many transmissions throughout the 90’s had updates to resolve longevity issues. 98 and newer trannys seem to be the ones to start out with as far as better tranny cores. unfortunately, it looks like the squad cars and town cars had a different length tailshaft and ironically a lousy output shaft compared to what i got. SO, i may have a bit more of a bitch of a time finding an appropriate swap in core for my 01 mercury.

i ran across a copyrighted article on the thunderbird and cougar enthusiast’s website that to be honest is 11 pages of stuff that is so well written and comprehensive- i didn’t thing there was any point in expanding on it. this guy knows his stuff. so if you guys would like to read and learn from the same articles i read on these trannys please click on the link below!

i WILL however be doing a write up on how i did a tear down and rebuild of my tranny….like i need more projects to do…LMAO!! this one should be fun cause most derby guys throw this stuff out the window without thinking twice.