TV cable adjustment 700R4 overview

Now, a 700R4 even when i was starting out seemed intimidating and we would all chose a 400 or 350 over one cause you simply did not want to deal with the added cost of the build and the damn throttle cable. with the high price of fuel and the availability of these trannys these days, they are now the go-to choice for street applications when you are going to retro fit an different driveline into an old car or custom street rod. to be honest, it is a lot easier than you think these days.

The overall goal no matter what when adjusting the cable is to simply adjust the cable to fully seat the throttle valve fully shut at wide open throttle. stock cables are adjusted by depressing the button at the end of the cable that mounts behind the carburetor/throttle body. you  back seat the stock cable  to the rear of the car to take up slack: to the front to create slack….much in the same way you would adjust a parking brake cable. if you are using  a universal cable , you pull the cable tight and clamp the cable in place @ WOT. whatever it takes, you want full open at wide open throttle with the right geometry to the throttle shaft centerline.

if you are retro-fitting a 700R4 to an older chassis, it is a lot easier to use the proper brackets either stock or aftermarket for both the carb throttle linkage and the cable end hardware. when using the right brackets, adjustment is as simple as openning the throttle to wide open throttle and adjusting the cable to seat the valve(pull it all the way out). holley and edelbrock both make brackets for the 700R4 throttle cable. it isn’t worth dicking around with making your own linkage unless there is no alternative, and there usually is.

if you want to be adventurous(cheap shit) and want to modify the carburetor linkage without using an aftermarket kit, it can be done. from what i can gather, you are basically going to  measure 1 3/32″ off the centerline of the throttle shaft to get the right action on the throttle cable you have to get 30 to 35% of travel must be behind the vertical centerline of the throttle shaft. this is about 1/2″ to the rear of the throttle centerline at idle/low speed usually.

the other 65-70% must be to the front of the centerline of the throttle shaft, or about 1″ from the centerline of the throttle at wide open throttle….or WOT. this is to ramp up oil pressure faster off idle. if  you don’t get the throttle action lop-sided, there will be a constant pressure rise which results in trans clutches burning out…….and you wreck your tranny basically.

DO NOT ADJUST THE CABLE TO MAKE IT SHIFT HARDER. DAMAGE WILL RESULT. use a shift kit or modify the governor to change your tranny shift characteristics. so if anyone has told you to either do that or leave it unhooked…..they are full of shit.

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